The Science behind IngRior©

Each of the key ingredients in IngRior© Intense Rejuvenating Serum and  the IngRior©  Moisturiser and Nourishing Crème  is well known in the cosmetic and skin care industry for its ability to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. What is rarely mentioned is the synergistic effect these key ingredients have when used in combination – achieving dramatic improvements in the overall appearance and texture of the skin.

IngRior© Intense Rejuvenating Serum is unique in its combination and concentration of each of these key ingredients.

  • Matrixyl 3000™ stimulates the production of normal collagen and elastin thereby thickening the skin and reducing wrinkle depth and giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Matrixyl 3000 remarkably encourages skin tissue to restore itself to a more youthful strength while promoting deep tissue repair. According to the clinical studies on Matrixyl 3000™, the long-term cumulative results begin almost immediately and are  noticeable easily within weeks:
    • 33% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle density
    • 23% decrease in the appearance of wrinkle volume
  • Argireline which acts a little like Botox, but there the comparison stops, as Argireline is known as being milder and gentler in its action.  Argireline is a deep penetrating amino peptide that helps to relax the intensity and frequency of facial muscle contractions. It inhibits the degeneration of collagen, reducing depth of lines and wrinkles. Argireline works by relaxing the muscles that create facial tension leading to a reduction in superficial facial lines and wrinkles and flattening the overlying skin.  The result?  More youthful looking skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate is highly regarded for its unique hydrating and moisturising qualities and results in healthier looking skin. This ingredient increases the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. It works at a topical level to seal in and retain moisture for a longer time. It also penetrates the skin at a deeper level and works to improve the lipid barrier.
  • Collagen is another powerful moisturising and hydrating agent that contrary to popular belief has little or minimal effect used as a moisturising agent on its own. Its benefits are maximised when used in combination with other moisturising and hydrating agents. Collagen cannot penetrate the skin from the outside, it must come from the within.
  • Glycerin also known for its moisturising qualities and benefits.
  • Allantoin which promotes healing and skin repair.
  • Vitamin E also known for its moisturising and healing qualities.
  • Argan Oil is not only a powerful moisturiser :
    • Argan oil helps to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, making the skin more elastic.
    • It effectively reduces wrinkles and skin lines.
    • It rehydrates dry and damaged skin, helping to reverse aging.


Years and years of trying one ‘miracle’ skincare product after another had turned me into a real cynic. What a waste of time and importantly money. Well, I am very happy to report that...
Verena Elbers