Bruce Packer

I’ve been involved extensively in the fashion, beauty and media industry, both locally in Australia and overseas all my life. Though I am in the industry I rarely recommend products.

Knowing my background in the industry a client gave me a bottle of IngRior© Intensive Rejuvenating Serum to try. I was amazed.  In just a few days of using the Rejuvenating Serum, I found my skin feeling softer, with a smooth texture.  What amazed me even more is that people actually noticed the difference.

The packaging is simple, making it easy to take anywhere, to the gym and especially when travelling.

I am very happy to endorse this serum for both women and men.

Bruce Packer

Leading Sydney hair stylist and Make up Artist

Joint CEO, Miracles for Hair,  Surry Hills, Sydney


I was born a redhead 81 years ago and blessed with or cursed with red heads’ ultra dry sensitive and ultra delicate skin. I used to spend a fair amount of money on skin...
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