Grow Older and Feel Great!

What is the elusive secret of the fountain of youth? Is it real? Can we really be young and beautiful forever? Of course not! Scientists have been working for years to find the answer to everlasting life, and the ‘get young’ cure. There is so much hype in the media with television, magazines, models, actors, and actresses to be thin, toned and fit, wrinkle free and incredibly beautiful that the way we, as individuals, view ourselves has been drastically effected in an awful way.

The real situation here is not the fact that women are suddenly getting older with wrinkles on their faces and body parts starting to sag; it is the fact that the world’s mindset has changed so dramatically and quickly in just a few short years. Women are less confident and far more insecure then they have been in past years. Women who are older are more vulnerable, because they can’t be as smooth skinned as the girls who are nearly twenty years younger than them.

The real way to project beauty and sex appeal as a woman who is growing older is to feel confident and happy with yourself as a person. Be healthy, eat good food, and exercise a little bit every day. This will make you feel great and look amazing. Even a young woman who is quite beautiful might feel that they are not pretty enough. This is because of the way beauty is viewed by the population as a whole. You have to be young, thin, perfect, to be thought of as beautiful, but the truth is, even the pictures of those young, thin, seemingly perfect models are photo-shopped mercilessly to be put into those magazines.

Remember, being beautiful as you grow older has to do with the way you feel inside, if you are healthy and happy, you will glow with it. No matter how many wrinkles you may have, people will see that you are an incredibly happy woman who is satisfied with her life.

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SJ Chapman